About RZ Wealth


A Team with a Mission

Selecting a financial advisor is a highly personal choice built on trust and confidence. It is paramount that your advisors know what truly matters to you and seek the resources to help you achieve the life you want – for yourself, your loved ones, and for generations to come.

With over a century of combined financial experience, we feel that effective wealth management is a marathon, not a sprint. RZ Wealth aims to earn your confidence through our genuine concern for your well-being and committed effort to fully understand your concerns, risk tolerance and attitude toward investments.

Like a true friend, an RZ Wealth Advisor may be a constant resource to help you stay on track and an asset that may prove its value year after year. When you face unexpected choices and tough challenges, you can rely on us to help you make the critical decisions.

Our Process of Discovery

At RZ Wealth, new client relationships begin with a process of compiling and analyzing data. We evaluate your investment options, calculate financial projections, and establish your genuine expectations and needs concerning the assets we manage on your behalf.

The result is a strategic and integrated investment approach that reflects both your priorities and lifestyle, and our long-term commitment to expertly implement the plan as your collaborator and coach.

The RZ Wealth team’s goal is to break down financial complexity and challenges into a simplified, cohesive and efficient design. We typically work with your CPA and attorney to understand your tax situation and to review your legal documents. Additionally, we may assess your insurance coverage to determine if your objectives have been addressed through effective insurance and estate planning. As your life and circumstances change, RZ Wealth will keep your plan aligned with your needs and objectives.

A Commitment to Excellence

RZ Wealth has built strong relationships with leading financial services firms in order to deepen the service capabilities we can offer our clients.

TD Ameritrade is the custodian and clearing firm we’ve chosen for most of the assets we manage. We also maintain a long and healthy working relationship with our broker/dealer, WFG Investments, LLC, Member FINRA & SIPC. Our clients also benefit from our custodial relationships at National Financial Services, a division of Fidelity Investments and Pershing, a BNY Mellon company.

This empowering arrangement as “hybrid” advisors deepens the service capabilities we can offer our clients. This dual relationship allows us to do a more complete and holistic job of assisting clients in the many diverse facets of financial services. Our pursuit of excellence includes ever more advanced systems, technology and processes to enhance our clients’ experience.

Who We Serve

For our clients, wealth is the freedom to live the life they want, with confidence and clarity in every aspect of their financial lives. RZ Wealth serves people from all walks of life who are resolutely committed to achieving financial independence…who understand the long term value of intelligent asset management…and who believe that our commitment to excellence mirrors their own commitment to succeeding.

Money may not be the goal for the individuals and families who rely on us, but a means to achieve security and a life of opportunity for them, and their loved ones. After three decades of service to our clients, RZ Wealth is proud to be working with the next generation to protect and grow their assets as they pursue their life goals.