The Tax Man Cometh: Tax Efficient Portfolio Strategies

The Tax Man Cometh: Tax Efficient Portfolio Strategies

| September 12, 2015
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"It's not how much money you make, it's how much money you keep."
Words to live by?  Probably!  This month's article is less focused on particular taxes and more suited to incorporating tax-efficient strategies in your overall investment plan.  This relates to not just minimizing or avoiding taxation through portfolio design but also the use of account structure to house particular investments and the use of tax-loss harvesting as a method of offsetting capital gains with some reduction available on ordinary income.... READ THE FULL ARTICLE
As always, we hope that this article provides some actionable ideas to make you a more tax-aware and successful investor.  We look forward to our next issue which will complete this year's series "The Tax Man Cometh."

We hope you find this article helpful and stay tuned to our next installment of "Tax Man Cometh".

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