Is the Captain of Your Financial Ship Prepared for Choppy Waters?

Is the Captain of Your Financial Ship Prepared for Choppy Waters?

| October 11, 2018
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"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked," (Warren Buffet)

This is one of my favorite Warren Buffet quotes that most certainly references the rise of stock market volatility.  Frankly, as a seasoned veteran who has been in this profession for more than 32 years, I relish the opportunities in volatile markets. It is in these environments that professional expertise shines.  The awareness that the stock market doesn’t only rise and that a growing portfolio doesn’t denote genius is when having a skilled professional matters.  There really IS a difference between luck and expertise.  Our firm, which prides itself on risk management and defining expectations, has “reality-tested” our strategies over time. 

Consider your investment portfolio:

1) Is your current allocation taking into account your tolerance for risk

2) Do you have some predictability imbedded in your overall plan? 

3) Are there defined maturities or outcomes such as guarantees or FDIC-protection in some aspects of your portfolio? 

4) Are you or your financial advisor able to leverage the rampant rise in market volatility to your advantage with creative and proven risk management or “loss repair” strategies? 

If one or more of the answers to these questions is “NO” or you simply DON’T know the answer, than consider RZ Wealth as your trusted advisor in both the good times and bad. 

Have a question about this topic? Contact us today. 

Our team at RZ Wealth is committed to helping clients prioritize and understand their needs to best guide them with insightful wealth management including financial, retirement, estate and education planning.

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