Tailored for Businesses

RZ Wealth counsels business retirement plan sponsors on Fiduciary oversight, plan design, evaluation and selection of administrative vendors as well as investment managers.

We believe our in-depth experience and objectivity provides confidence to our retirement plan clients so that they have a defined and repeatable process in place to meet their obligations as fiduciaries to the retirement plan.

Our goal in advising businesses and business owners is to determine the most tax advantageous way to defer taxable income. With specialized knowledge in qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans, defined benefit and cash balance pension plans, Section 125, Health Savings Plans and much more. RZ Wealth has played a critical role in the design of creative benefit plans focused on the business owner, key personnel and valuable employees for a variety of businesses in many areas of the United States.

Investment Advisory

We support our clients’ investment committee’s fiduciary process by monitoring ERISA compliance, conducting investment manager evaluations, implementing the addition and removal of investment managers, monitoring and reporting on plan and manager performance and participant education.

Provider Search

We provide an objective view of the search process for the right administrative platform to ensure the providers involved will adequality serve their company’s specific needs. Our knowledge of the details of the various providers help with the review, negotiations, selection and plan conversion.

Plan Design & Compliance

Plan design and related regulatory environment is extremely complex. We work with our plan sponsors and directly with their ERISA counsel to address any issues for the plan as well as to maximize the plans’ potential for the business owner and its employee’s retirement outcomes.

Employee Education

We develop education sessions with employees that are designed to help start the journey of saving for retirement. Our job as credentialed financial planners and Accredited Investment Fiduciaries® is to inspire participants to take charge of their personal planning and savings. We also regularly review plan features, benefits, and changes with the employees.